How to store your Mark 2 and its accessories?

How to store your Mark 2 and its accessories?

Have you ever been on a trip with a Mark 2 and found out that you forgot some accessories at home? Or did you realize that when you wanted to organize and store the Mark 2, you had already dumped its packaging?

The hot summer is about to pass, and cooler weather is just around the corner. Mark is still good for hot sleepers. Perhaps some people don't go on adventures. It's time to figure out how to store it.

We have designed a perfect size bag for the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 air conditioner and its accessories. It's not much bigger than a Mark 2, but it's big enough to hold everything you need for Mark 2. Bearing Mark 2's grey color scheme, the bag uses grey cloth, black lacing, and silver logos on the sides and top. With this bag, even your kid or your Labrador can take the Mark 2, batteries, and accessories with them because it has four wheels.

  • Huge capacity to carry everything you want

  • Durable and reliable for all your adventures and organizing needs

  • Use it at home or on the go

  • Be prepared for anything when you travel

  • Designed to work best with ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 air conditioner

A perfect size bag for the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2

    Detail 1:

    Wheeled - Each pulley is fixed in metal; two of them are universal wheels in the front, and you can easily switch directions. The bottom of the bag is solid plastic, giving your Mark 2 protection from bumps and scratches on the underside.

    Detail 2:

    Two-sided open - 2-way zippers in the main compartment and in the shoe compartment enable convenient zipping in both sizes for maximum accessibility. On the other hand, it provides enough open space that you can use the Mark 2 while it's still in the bag for easy mobility.

    Detail 3:

    Handles-With a soft handle and shoulder strap, you can either carry the bag by hand or use it as a backpack. On the front, it also has an adjustable strap that you can drag around the bag or fold into a small pocket to store it when you do not need it.

    Detail 4:

    Multi bags - with two self-Adhesive Hook & Loop Straps on both sides, offer extra storage to store additional items inside when you are not storing the Mark 2.
    How to use the storage bag?

    User guide

    Step 1:

    Place the battery in and Mark 2 on top of it.

    Step 2:

    Push them on the side, wrap them with the cover, and insert the accessories on the other side.

    Step 3:

    Zip the bag and store it or take it wherever you want.

    How to get it.

    This is a travel essential you should not leave home without. Only 20 of them are available now to ZERO BREEZE members who win prizes by participating in the Giveaway. If you are interested, come and join us. The giveaway ends on September 30.



      Now the Mark 2 bag is available, you can visit

    • Anthony Zornes

      I totaly want one of the carrying bags for my zero breese .if you wont give me one i need to buy one please let me know how to get one .thank you anthony zornes

    • lara

      I have been shopping for a bag exactly like this! The features look awesome and functional! I would love to have this for my Zerobreeze AC :)

    • Douglas Sommerfield

      Who wouldn’t want one. It’s the perfect accessory for Zero Breeze.

    • Cherise Gould Shepard

      Where can I purchase the bag.?

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