An EMS helper - ZERO BREEZE Mark 2
Not only on outdoor adventure trips, but Mark 2 air conditioner is also great in many fields. Numerous customers mentioned that they purchased the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 for a loved one with a condition that causes loss of body temperature control. We are glad that ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is able to provide such help to these people with special needs.
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Across The Country
Morgan Phillips is a Seattle based adventure and lifestyle photographer. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama; he ventured across the country at nineteen and hasn’t looked back. Morgan combines a hunger for adventure with his passion for photography, blended in order to document and share the beauty of his unique and fluid way of life.
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No roads No limits
Tyler Snider's father raised him to appreciate nature. His father would take him, his brother, and his sister, into the outdoors consistently. His father always had a way of making everything interesting so they would want to learn more. Tyler Snider spent nearly his entire childhood catching various critters and fishing with his dad. In his early 20’s, the need for nature came back with a vengeance. He bought the FJ Cruiser and has been exploring as often as he can since. Now he tries to spend as much time exploring as possible along with his wife, Natalia.
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